Degenerative disease of the joints, which is accompanied by the slow destruction of the cartilage inside a joint, called osteoarthritis. After a long time, osteoarthritis causes significant changes of the articular ends of the bones start to develop inflammation, and periarticular tissues begin to deteriorate. The term "arthritis" includes a large group of joint diseases that are degenerative and inflammatory in nature, they have different causes, but the mechanisms of development are similar.

Osteoarthritis is the world's leader in joint diseases. With age the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis is greatly increased. According to statistics, approximately 15% of the population suffers from osteoarthritis. This disease affects both men and women. Women are often found osteoarthritis of the interphalangeal joints.

Causes of osteoarthritis


The cause of osteoarthritis is the metabolism disorder in the joint that leads to loss of elasticity of cartilage. All of this leads to partial or complete loss of proteoglycans from the cartilage, as a rule, such consequences arise from the deep cracking of the cartilage. Proteoglycans also cease to be produced by the body due to a failure in the production of cells of the joint.

Experts say that the articular cartilage can begin to fracture due to disturbances in metabolism, hormonal disorders, genetic factors, reducing blood flow of the joints, old age, injuries, and diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. But the most common cause of arthrosis remains irregular stress on the joints, as the cartilage is unable to cope with it.

Types of arthritis

Arthrosis can be primary and secondary. Primary osteoarthritis occurs in 40 – 50% of cases and is caused by heavy loads on the joints, but in any case not due to injuries.

Secondary osteoarthritis occurs due to damage 50 – 60% of cases of the disease developed subsequently, previous joint injury.

Symptoms for osteoarthritis

The first symptom of osteoarthritis is pain in the joint when the load on it, which is when the joint is at rest; the crunch of joints, tight muscles in the joint, reducing its mobility. Osteoarthritis affected joints swell periodically and over time begin to deform.

Complications of osteoarthritis

If you do not see a specialist and do not be started in time to treat arthritis, over time this will lead to disastrous results. The patient's joint can not only completely dissolved, but will result in changes to the biomechanics of the spine, resulting in appearing of a hernia in the intervertebral discs and osteoarthritis will begin to develop in a healthy joints. Therefore, it is better to prevent the complications of arthrosis.

How to treat osteoarthritis?

It is best to treat the joints of patients in the initial stage, which should be comprehensive and pathogenetic. At this stage of treatment removes the causes contributing to the development of the disease also eliminated inflammatory changes and recover previously lost functions. In the complex treatment of osteoarthritis used drugs, possessing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and also offers physiotherapy treatments that provide pain-relieving effect on the joints.

At sanatorium-resort treatment uses mineral mud and water, and climatic conditions, favorably acting on the sore joints.

Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies

When herbal treatment of osteoarthritis is the impact on the very cause of. Treats arthritis herbal medicine: it is able to deter any progression of the disease and control it. Below are given the recipes of traditional and folk medicine uses in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Herbs are used in combination with other medications.

After three weeks of use of folk medicine, you may notice significant improvements. But you need to remember that only long use can consolidate the effect. Even if health improves, it is necessary to continue the use of herbal medicine courses in the next five years.

For different age groups, there are individual doses of medication. Children under one year appoint half a teaspoon per day. One teaspoon a day to children one to three years. Children at the age from three till six years is prescribed one dessert spoon per day. If the child is aged six to ten years – one tablespoon per day. For people older than ten years is recommended to take a day two tablespoons.

The first recipe

Birch leaves, nettle leaves and inflorescence of calendula is taken in equal parts. In the end, you need to two tablespoons. Take the resulting minced collection in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and leave overnight. Starting next morning should take half a Cup of decoction four to five times a day. The course of this recipe is two to three months.

The second recipe

causes of osteoarthritis

Take 4 pieces of grass succession and cowberry leaves, 3 parts of grass clover, violet tricolor and shoots of wild rosemary, 2 parts flax seeds of nettle leaves and peppermint herb St. John's wort, and the buds of poplar. Should get two tablespoons of the collection. Fall asleep in a thermos, pour one liter of boiling water and leave to infuse overnight. You need to take every day half a Cup four or five times a day for two to three months.

The third recipe

Take 5 parts of hawthorn fruit and herb St. John's wort, 4 parts herb viola tricolor, marjoram and thyme, 2 parts galangal root, pine buds, eucalyptus, and herbs of peppermint, and 1 part calamus root. In the end it should come out two tablespoons of the collection. Take the mixture in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and leave overnight to brew stood. The course of treatment with this medicine should be two – three months, half a Cup four or five times a day.

The fourth recipe

Take 5 parts herb rosemary, 3 parts of hop cones, birch buds, herb St. John's wort, and chamomile flowers, 2 parts grass clover, nettle leaves, and elecampane roots, 1 part fruit fennel, Linden flower, and mint leaves. In the end, must beat 3 tablespoons of the collection. As in the previous recipes, all fall asleep in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and leave overnight. The course sort of prescription is two to three months with the methods of decoction half a Cup four or five times a day.

So how to treat arthritis it is necessary to comprehensively, so for best results it is necessary to combine traditional and folk herbal remedies. These measures can speed recovery.

Treatment of osteoarthritis with dandelion

Dandelion is an excellent folk remedy for the treatment of many diseases, including osteoarthritis and knee joints. In order to use dandelions for the treatment of osteoarthritis have one day to pluck five flowers. It should be done exclusively at the end of may. Next, rinse the flowers with boiled water and give to dry, and then chew them to a pulp.

For treatment in the winter need to stock up on the dried leaves of dandelion. As necessary, you can pour one teaspoon of dry leaves and chew. To take the medicine need every night. Need to remember the three thousand steps, which should be held every night.

During summer, treatment is infusion of dandelions. The infusion is made as follows: take five darkened bottles and fill with yellow flowers of dandelions to half, then fill bottle to the top eau de Cologne. Received mixture should infuse for a month, then strain. This infusion is stored only at room temperature. Extract obtained are diseased knee joints. Best to do such treatments before bed. For the month of such treatment is one bottle of infusion. During daily treatment, the knees stop hurting, but do not think that the pain will not return. To avoid this you need preventively to chew the leaves of the dandelion and RUB the sore knee joints infusion of dandelions.

Valid pack from osteoarthritis

Most elderly people suffer from osteoarthritis, and are constantly affected by the deposition of salts. In such a case would be to look at folk remedies for the treatment, which in most cases have effective results in contrast to traditional medicine.

Take equal proportions of medical bile, may flower honey, glycerin, ammonia, 10% and medical iodine 5%. All the components combine, mix thoroughly and insist for ten days in a dark place. Before application, the mixture should be thoroughly shaken. Required quantity of the mixture poured into a small jar and heated in a water bath. Soaked napkin in the decoction should be put on the joint and leave it for whole night. Getting better over the bandage a plastic bag and woolen cloth. Such treatment should be undertaken until full recovery.

How to get rid of joint pain with a poultice of horseradish?

Some people do not have the power to cure osteoarthritis for a long time. In this case, it is perfectly suited a folk prescription treatment of osteoarthritis, which successfully treats deforming arthritis and a bad hip fracture. To prepare a medicinal drugs will need a regular fuck.

For preparing a compress based on horseradish must be grated horseradish roots, pour water and put on low heat until it is steaming. Water, in any case should not boil. The resulting broth should be put on the cloth, moisten it in the broth obtained. The fabric must be put in the place of defeat. For winter periods need to stock up on dried roots of horseradish. In case you need to grind the roots, steam and attach to the sore spot.

Get rid of the cramps, pain and swelling

There are times when one person suffers not only from arthritis, but also arthritis, and rheumatism. To help in this case, it is very difficult and in most cases the patient is forced to endure the pain and cramps every day. Traditional medicine is not able to do something. The patient is one-on-one with their illness and pain. Most of the patients are preparing themselves for a long and painful death. But do not despair, because these diseases can also be found medications.

treatment of osteoarthritis

One such medication is the usual hydrogen peroxide, which is in every home medicine Cabinet. In order to cure arthritis hydrogen peroxide should be taken internally in small portions. Of course, the pain does not pass instantaneously, but after nine months of daily medication, the pain will gradually decrease. You need to take hydrogen peroxide every day without a break and within six months will be a noticeable result. Every time the pain will begin to decrease and health improve.

For the treatment of seizures there are many expensive drugs that are not expensive. In this case, you can use a conventional magnet. You need to take small magnets measuring two centimeters by one centimeter and half a centimeter.

Magnets must be attached to each leg and leave for the night. At first it hurt badly, but in ten minutes the pain will stop. It should be noted that the magnets are very strong diuretic, so you need to beat the alert. Overnight you can rid of even the most severe seizures and rheumatoid cones. The magnets have to work every evening and in the morning – to remove.

Do not use magnets of large dimensions, since they have too a strong effect. Therefore, it would be better to break it into several small pieces. This remedy helps to relieve the pain in any place already after 6-10 hours.

Massage in sea water for the treatment of osteoarthritis

When deforming arthrosis doctors prescribe lots of expensive drugs. Unfortunately, not every patient is financially secure and able to buy them. But the pain with this diagnosis so severe that patients are forced to buy them.

In such cases, it will not hurt to float the limb in water with baking soda and salt. To do this, pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of salt. The resulting mixture pour into a bowl and pour hot water so that you can endure it, and dip back leg. Directly in water, it is important to massage the entire soles and toes. Need to massage the leg for at least 15 – 20 minutes. Feet can not wipe, but to dress them up in woolen socks and go to sleep.

After a month of such procedures, the pain will gradually subside. To secure the treatment you need to continue treatment every day for another two months. This massage is a perfect example of how to use available tools can cure even a disease, such as arthrosis deformans.